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I live in the East Bay and I write all the time. As time has gone on the topics I cover have expanded from community news, healthcare, pharma, energy, finance, education, and technology. If you asked me what my favorite subject to write about it is, the answer would depend on my mood at the time. Berkeley as a city has represented a cultural landmark for sorts for me. It's a place known for innovation, intellect, and ideas. My connection to Berkeley: my brother and cousin are alumni and I used to work for UC, Berkeley. I'm one of those devoted pet parents in my free time. My German Shepherd is currently learning German commands from me. Why? Just because.
A few favorites of mine: Food: Thai and Pan-Asian Books: Literary Non-Fiction Music: Eclectic Movies: Foreign Films, preferably Indies Places to Visit: Hawaii Celebrities: Meryl Streep and Michael Fassbender Follow me on twitter @RhebaEstante.
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