Unconditional Love + Studying = A's?

See, that's a double entendre because A's is also the name of a baseball team once managed by Tony LaRussa, who founded the Animal Rescue Foundation, which is bringing the dogs for stressed-out Berkeley students to pet, OK?

You might be able to remember those biochem facts if, while you're staring at your laptop, you are simultaneously scratching a Scottie under the chin.

That's the concept. Pet therapy dogs from Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation of Walnut Creek will visit the U.C. Berkeley campus to calm the students in the week before finals. The week of dog therapy begins Monday, April 30.

“Studies show that interaction with animals lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, improves physical and mental health, and gives a feeling of well-being," stated Pat Mills, ARF coordinator of the pet therapy program in a U.C. Berkeley press release. "The dogs will provide students with a huge stress relief, a wonderful fur fix and unconditional love.”


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