Teacher Takes New Vocation to Old Location

Retired teacher Rob John debuted his blue food truck, WhipOut!, Sunday in the Kensington school yard where he spent many years supervising students. The line was often long but no one seemed to mind in the festive atmosphere.

Rob John was back on the play yard of Kensington Elementary School Sunday, but he wasn’t there to do yard duty.

He was at the window of his new taking orders for sliders, fries, and soft drinks. The brightly painted blue truck was parked on the school yard near lines marked for hopscotch and four square. A bouquet of helium balloons stood nearby, a live band played, and customers ate at tables set up for the event near a row of classrooms.

The crowd included students and their parents, coworkers, and principal Judy Sanders, neighbors who dropped by, passersby lured by the music, and friends visiting the school for the first time.

The line was often several dozen people long, but everyone seemed to be waiting good naturedly as they chatted and listened to music, and once the orders were placed they were ready quickly and the customers seemed pleased with their food.

For more information see WhipOut's Facebook page.


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