First Semester for Online Degree Program Wraps Up

UC Berkeley professional public health online masters will help address worker shortage.

The nation's supply of health care providers lags behind demand. California suffers a shortage of some 25,000 to 30,000; the country, 250,000.

Access to education could narrow the gap. To that end, the UC Berkeley School of Public Health has launched inaugural On-Campus/Online Professional Masters in Public Health Degree Program.

“For many of these workers, leaving their full-time jobs to obtain a degree is impractical,” Stephen Shortell, dean of the School of Public Health, told the UC Berkeley News Center. “The online/on-campus format we are offering gives working professionals the ability to obtain a degree while continuing their employment.”

Shortages in epidemiology and environmental health are particularly acute, according to the According to the American Public Health Association.

The launch of the School of Public Health’s program also comes in the midst of growing interest in online education at the University of California and at universities across the U.S., the News Center reports.

As part of the on-campus component, students must also complete 15 days of face-to-face instruction, seminars and workshops on campus.


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