What Do You Think of the Occupy Cal Demands?

Occupy Cal determined its list of demands at a general assembly meeting prior to Tuesday's "Open University" day of action. What do you think of the list?

Occupy Cal’s demands are listed as follows on the Reclaim UC website:

Local Demands

  • Respect Free Speech, Including the Right to Set Up Tents.
  • Immediate Resignation of Robert Birgeneau, George Breslauer, Harry LeGrande, and Mitch Celaya. Democratic Election of their Replacements by Students, Faculty, and Staff.
  • Charge the Police Responsible for Brutalizing Protesters. No Use of Force Against Protests on Campus.
  • Amnesty for All Protesters. 
  • Make UC Berkeley a Sanctuary Campus for Undocumented People. Pass the UC-wide Dream Act.
  • Equal Benefits and Retirement Security for UC Union Workers.

Statewide Demands

  • Reverse the Fee Hikes, Cuts, and Layoffs To At Least Their 2009 Levels.
  • Refund Public Education and Public Services: Tax the Banks and Billionaires. Repeal Prop 13.
  • Full Implementation of Affirmative Action. Overturn Prop 209.

Nationwide Demands

  • Stop the Privatization of Public Education. 
  • Bail Out Schools and Public Services. Redirect Military Funding to Education.
  • Immediate Forgiveness of All Student Debt.
  • Repeal Race to the Top.
  • Stop the Attacks on Teachers Unions.

What do you think of these demands? Are there any you disagree with? Let us know in the comments.


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