Double Good Karma in a $5 Bag

With the new disposable bag fee of 10 cents in Alameda County, reusable bags are becoming more in demand. Did you know you can help the environment and the Berkeley Public Library with a $5 library tote bag?

Patch dropped into the main branch of Berkeley Public Library Tuesday and found that the library's bookstore sells more than used books and DVDs.

It also offers attractively designed tote bags in three styles related to books, each for $5.

The offerings are now more timely given Alameda County's new disposable bag ordinance requiring customers who don't bring their own bags to pay 10 cents for disposable bags provided by the stores.

The library tote bags were donated by the Berkeley Public Library Foundation to the Friends of the Berkeley Public Library, which supports the library.

The friends operate two bookstores, one inside the main library and a larger one in the Telegraph/Channing Shops, 2433 Channing Way in Berkeley. 


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