Deadline Looms for Ballot Arguments

Berkeley measures touch on nearly all aspects of life in the city: finance, development, environment, open government and more.

Street and watershed upgrades and repairs, changes to open meeting laws, real estate development, financial reporting requirements -- the November ballot does not want for issues that stir strong convictions.

Residents inclined to advocate for or against any of the 10 measures on the Berkeley ballot, take note: The deadline to file ballot arguments is 12 p.m. Friday, Aug. 17.

The rebuttal argument period opens at 4 p.m. Friday and will end at 12 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24.

Ballot arguments may be no longer than 300 words, rebuttal arguments no more than 250. 

The 10 Berkeley measures include: 

Measure M: General obligation bond for streets and watershed-related improvements.

Measure N: General obligation bond for pools and associated facilities.

Measure O: Special Tax to Fund Operation and Maintenance of the Replacement Warm Water and Willard Pools.

Measure P: Ballot Measure Re-Authorizing Expenditures of Voter-Approved Taxes for Parks Maintenance, Library Relief, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Services for Severely Physically Disabled Persons and Fire Protection and Emergency Response and Preparedness, Under Article XIIIB of the California Constitution (Gann Limit).

Measure Q: An Ordinance of the City of Berkeley Amending Chapter 7.70 of the Berkeley Municipal Code to Modernize the Application of the Utility Users Tax (UUT).

Measure R: Charter Amendment to Allow City Council to Adopt Decennial Redistricting Plan.

Measure S: An Ordinance of the City of Berkeley Adopting New Section 13.36.025 of the Berkeley Municipal Code to Prohibit Sitting on Sidewalks in Commercial Districts

Measure T: Amendments to the West Berkeley Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

Measure U: Initiative Ordinance Enacting New Requirements for the City Council and Rent Stabilization Board and Boards and Commissions Relating to Agendas and Meetings, Requiring Additional Disclosure of Public Records, and Creating a New Commission (Sunshine Ordinance).

Measure V: Initiative Ordinance Requiring the City to Prepare Biennial, Certified Financial Reports of Its Financial Obligations for the Next 20-Year Period; and Requiring Certification of Such Reports Before Council May Propose or Voters May Approve Any Debt Financing, or New or Increased City Taxes, and Before Council May Approve Any Assessments or Property-Related Fees (FACTS Initiative).

For more information, the City Clerk can be reached at (510) 981-6900 or elections@cityofberkeley.info.


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