Campbell Adds 272 Residents

The California Department of Finance released estimated population numbers today.

What's in a number? And why care about the size of your population? Does it mean a bigger tax base? Does it mean longer lines at the grocery store? What about parking? Does a larger population mean fewer spots when you head downtown?

Or does a larger population mean more people to call neighbors, an added classmate for your child or another pair of eyes to keep watch when you're not home?

Either way you look at it, Campbell's population is growing.

The Department of Finance released population estimate numbers for January 2012 today as well as state rankings for the 482 cities within California.

Each city was ranked by population size and of the 482 cities, 412 saw gains while 68 had a decrease in population.

Campbell saw an increase in its population base by 272 residents or a .7 percent increase since January 2011. The Orchard City comes in as the 201st largest city in California. By comparison, its neighbor Los Gatos gained 241 residents and ranks 239th largest city in the state.

Below are some charts comparing our West Valley cities and the changes, and rankings made.

Pop. 1/1/11 Pop. 1/1/12 % of change Santa Clara County 1,794,337 1,816,486 +1.2 California 37,427,946 37,678,563 +0.7


Pop. 1/1/11 Pop. 1/1/12 % of change State Ranking Campbell 39,610 39,882 +0.7 201 San Jose 957,369 971,372 +1.5 3 Los Gatos 29,613 29,854 +0.8 239


Pop. 1/1/11 Pop. 1/1/12 % of change State Ranking Cupertino 58,665 59,022 +0.6 144 San Jose 957,369 971,372 +1.5 3 Sunnyvale 140, 898 142,896 +1.4 39 Santa Clara 117, 998 118,813 +0.7 49


Pop. 1/1/11 Pop. 1/1/12 % of change State Ranking Los Gatos 29,613 29,854 +0.8 239 San Jose 957,369 971,372 +1.5 3
Monte Sereno* 3,360 3,373 +0.4 443 Saratoga 30,153 30,363 +0.7 234

Monte Sereno had the smallest change in population within Santa Clara County, with a 0.4 percent increase.

Information was gathered from the reports released by the California Department of Finance.

Cherie Barstow May 01, 2012 at 07:47 PM
They've had that number on the sign since before hubby & I moved here in 2009. With this new population data finally published I think it's time for an update. :)
Mayra Flores de Marcotte May 02, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Thank you for bringing this up! Here's what the city had to say: http://campbell.patch.com/articles/what-s-in-a-population-sign
David and Darlene Steele May 02, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Do you know if our new population numbers include Cambrian 36 recently added to our fair city?


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