Berkeley Flu Outbreak Already High, According to Google Data

Data from Google Flu Trends show that flu cases in Berkeley are already at a high level this season.

Google Flu Trends data show the outbreak of flu this season in Berkeley is already high.
Google Flu Trends data show the outbreak of flu this season in Berkeley is already high.
This season's flu outbreak has already reached a high level in Berkeley, according to data tracked by Google.

The accompanying chart shows the estimated incidence of flu cases in Berkeley based on the Google Flu Trends model.

The model, which is correlated with search queries, produces up-to-date information soon than government agencies can, according to Google.

The model has been developed and refined by Google over several years and closely matches the actual number of cases reported to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and other health officials, Google says. 

As of today, Thursday, at least nine flu-related deaths have been reported in the nine-county Bay Area: 1 in Alameda, 1 in Contra Costa, 2 in Marin, 1 in San Francisco, 1 in San Mateo, 2 in Santa Clara and 1 in Sonoma. Two have been reported also in Santa Cruz County.

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