Alameda County Drone Idea Gets Mention in NYT Op-Ed

New York Times opinion article calls on Congress to "guarantee a strong protection of privacy under galaxy of new eyes in the sky."

In a Christmas day opinion piece the New York Times called upon Congress to write privacy safeguards that address the booming new industry of domestic drones.

While the FAA is testing the safety of drones, remote-controlled airborne exploratory devices, the NYT said it's up to Congress to uphold the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens from unlawful searches.

The editorial mentions Alameda County as an example of a situation where while authorities may intend to mainly use drones during emergencies, they can also be used to gather intelligence.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Department tabled its drone plan after the ACLU raised concerns about privacy.

Now there's even a Facebook page with 154 fans against the local drone idea.

Nadja Adolf January 09, 2013 at 09:31 AM
Tell the NYT that the only intelligence gathering the drones will be used for is locating firearms owners, and next week they'll be insisting that drones are the best idea on the planet.


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