You Asked: Berkeley Police Go Door-to-Door to Find Armed Robbers Near Sacramento and Alcatraz

A Berkeley Patch reader wrote in Thursday, asking about police activity she saw Wednesday night near Sacramento Street and Alcatraz Avenue. We've done our best to answer her question.

Berkeley police went door-to-door in the area of Sacramento Street and Alcatraz Avenue late Wednesday night after receiving a call of a possible armed robbery.

The initial caller reported seeing potential robbers enter a home in the area at around 11 p.m. The caller hung up before police could get more details, Berkeley Police Department Public Information Officer Jennifer Coats said.

"Because of the seriousness and potential danger of the initial call, officers were sent to the area," Coats said.

Multiple officers went to Sacramento and Alcatraz and contacted residents in the area, but no one reported being the victim of a robbery that night, Coats said. No one has come forward since then, Coats said.

Did you notice last night's police activity ?

Laila Kearney September 27, 2012 at 09:12 PM
We're always looking for public safety news tips. If you notice something funny happening around town, let Berkeley Patch know!


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