Video: New Footage from Inside Occupy Cal Police-Protester Clash

A Cal student involved in the confrontation with police Nov. 9 has shared video from inside the crowd. What do you think of this new footage? Share your thoughts in the comments.

From the UC Berkeley student behind the camera (StudentCal on YouTube):

I recorded this video right before the first group was arrested. There are videos of this event from the opposite side of the police barricade with up to 200K views. This has never been released before. You can see how they were attacking us and the fact that we voiced our intentions of non-violence. The UCPD has responded on Nov. 28th with this letter.

Do you still think that the administration is protecting students? Think about it... what could they be protecting here?

The lawn?

The "law"?... which they broke since this assembly did not constitute an "unlawful" one... (I researched the laws).

The private property of a public university?

This is not just about police brutality, it's much more. Please think deeper before making judgements. Don't get hung up just on the police brutality... this represents something else.

What do you think it is?


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