Report Blasts UC Handling of Protests

Committee investigated at chancellor's request, condemned use of force.

Campus police are under fire again for their handling of Occupy Berkeley protests.

A report released today by a five-member Police Review Board committee castigated officers for beating and jabbing students with batons, in apparent violation of campus protocols, the Associated Press is reporting.

The committee investigated the Nov. 9 incident at the request of Chancellor Robert Birgeneau.

The report calls on the university to improve planning and procedures for handling future protests, and to set stricter limits on the use of force.

Milan Moravec June 07, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Yet another confirmed example of the incompetent Cal. senior management headed by Birgeneau and Provost Breslauer Birgeneau has reluctantly resigned Sack, retire, fire Provost Breslauer Clean sweep to face Cal's new challenges
Arwen June 08, 2012 at 10:01 PM
This report is both ironic and interesting coming from the Berkeley five-member Police Review Board. Ironic because we have videos of the Berkeley police training on the Berkeley campus on methods to attack demonstrators prior to the November 9th protest. Birgeneau knew what was going on as revealed by his email obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request. The police department supervisors knew what was going on and what they were training their officers to do to students as they set up the training on the Berkeley campus. Get rid of the UC Berkeley Chief of Police and its supervisors including Lt. Eric Tejada, the head of police department's goon squad. Sack, retire and/or fire Provost Breslauer.


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