Berkeley Police Log for Nov. 17-23, 2011

Incidents are compiled from reports referenced in the University of California Police Daily Activity Bulletin and other police reports. No information from the Berkeley Police Department was available this week.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

Tuesday, Nov. 22

A 75-year-old man violated curfew in People’s Park.

A student tried to run out on his Ramona’s Café bill.

An Etcheverry Hall employee returned from some time off to find his laptop gone.

Somebody stole $6,677 worth of textbooks from Doe Library.

A car window was smashed in the Underhill parking lot.

Monday, Nov. 21

We wonder if the guy cited for hash possession in front of Sproul Hall is really named John Doe.

A bicyclist near Zellerbach Hall grabbed a woman’s $600 iPhone during the noon hour and sped away.

A preparedness-minded thief stole a generator near the Lawrence Berkeley Lab’s water tower. Loss: $1,500.

For some reason known only to herself, a 57-year-old woman drove her 2010 Kia onto campus and slammed it into something south of Evans Hall.

The lock on a University Village resident’s car was cheated shortly before 5 p.m. and $300 worth of stuff taken.

About 45 minutes later, somebody’s else's car window was smashed in the Foothill lot, apparently for the hell of it.

An inappropriate comment was made to a Hearst Gym employee.

Sunday, Nov. 20

An allegedly drunken 32-year-old motorist was picked up in the 2500 block of Dwight Way about 1:30 a.m.

Someone’s pocket was picked this afternoon in Lower Sproul Plaza; loss of wallet and iPhone totaled $412.

A red and black Specialized Alliez road bike, value $1,000, vanished from the Unit 2 dorm bike racks.

Saturday, Nov. 19

Stanford is much less tolerant of snotty inebriated Cal students who give fake names to police (see Nov. 21, above). Note to football fans: In odd-numbered years, the Big Game drunk tank is in Santa Clara County Jail.

Another Cal fan who broke some sort of Stanford rule earlier in the afternoon was merely spoken to, probably because tailgate had just gotten under way.

Meanwhile, back home, 15- and 16-year-olds smoked weed near the Pelican Building.

Friday, Nov. 18

A Cal student reported being sexually assaulted about 5 p.m. Sunday at the north edge of campus. Walking up Hearst Avenue while talking on her phone, she had reached the bus stop at Hearst near Tolman Hall when a man emerged from the bushes and asked her a question. She answered him and turned south onto campus, whereupon he grabbed her and tried to pull her arm toward his exposed genitalia. The student fought off her attacker and ran off campus. She was uninjured and reported the assault some time later. UCPD describes the assailant as white or Latino in his late thirties, 5’3”, average weight with black or grey short straight thinning hair, a pockmarked complexion, facial stubble, and wearing a faded black hooded sweatshirt, light blue jeans and old white shoes.

A middle-aged man wandering around Bancroft Clothing Company around 11 a.m. was told to get lost.

Someone's backpack was stolen in Sproul Plaza.

A student who saw someone trying to steal his bike from outside Cesar Chavez Center ran the miscreant off.

A Soda Hall worker's office was broken into and his $1,850 MacBook stolen.

Thursday, Nov. 17

A Cal student near Haas Pavilion was browbeaten, almost literally, about 5 p.m. by a young man UCPD claims was incensed at her refusal to join the Occupy protest at Sproul. "People like you are the reason that California is in debt," the ear-flap-hatted idealist screamed, adding an expletive and hurling a full aluminum water bottle in her face before running away.

Those who did stay overnight to protest were dispersed by police in the predawn hours. Two protesters who didn't leave quickly enough to suit UCPD were cited and hauled to the North County Jail.

The Lawrence Hall of Science parking lot is not a great place for fancy cars, even in broad daylight. A 2011 Mercedes and a 2009 Lexus SUV were both broken into some time between noon and 1:30 p.m.; it's not clear what, if anything, was taken.

Thirsty thieves stole $400 worth of soda from an Evans Hall vending machine.

A motorcyclist’s license plate was stolen at College Avenue and Bancroft Way.


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