Berkeley Police: A Biweekly Snapshot

In the first part of the week, officers made 66 traffic-related stops and responded to 37 burglar alarms, 20 trespass calls, and 16 reported auto burglaries.

Berkeley police responded to 37 residential and commercial burglary and panic alarms. In each case, humor error prompted the alarm to sound, such as hitting a button by mistake, punching in an incorrect code or failing to punch in a code, or housecleaners, nannies, gardeners or home health care workers setting off an alarm by mistake, says a report by Sgt. Mary Kusmiss, information office for the department.

By Thursday morning, officers had been dispatched to handle 20 reports of individuals trespassing on private property. Several proved to be active probationers or parolees, and officers arrested three on outstanding warrants.    

From Sunday to Wednesday, officers investigated and documented 16 auto burglaries throughout the city. In most cases, drivers or passengers left valuables in the vehicle such as laptops, iPods, iPhones, luggage and purses.  

Patrol officers made 66 traffic enforcement stops throughout the city in addition to stops made by traffic and motor officers. An undisclosed number resulted in arrests for outstanding warrants, drugs, or DUI in addition to citations for equipment or moving violations.


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