Pit Bull Allegedly Charged an Alameda Police Officer Who Shot and Killed it

The Alameda Police Officer said he feared he would be bitten or mauled, so he shot the charging pitbull, killing it.

An Alameda Police Department officer shot and killed a pitbull moments after an unrelated incident where the officer arrested a man in connection with an argument the man had had with his neighbors late Sunday afternoon, according to an APD bulletin.

A caller reported a disturbance between two men at 5:44 p.m. Sunday, April 1. The caller said his neighbor had brandished a knife during an argument.

Albany police said a woman came out of the suspect's home to ask what was going on, and a one and a half-year-old pitbull followed her.

The dog began to charge the officer, who was holding the suspect with one hand, police said. The suspect yelled for the woman to control the dog, and she grabbed the pitbull, but it broke free and again charged at the officer.

Police said the officer feared he would be bitten or mauled, so he shot at the pitbull with his weapon, killing the dog.


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