Med Head's Jarred

By Ted Friedman/Berkeley Reporter (.com)Jan. 3, 2014

The tip jar at Caffe Mediterraneum, Berkeley's most notorious coffee house/bistro nightclub, starred, Friday, in a reprise of the original theft of the tip jar, last year.

A diligent  Med-head, from the balcony, noticed the tip jar heist and went dashing down the steps in pursuit. Another-Med head followed.

According to several eye-witnesses, the Med Head, who resembles Jesus, descended on the "kids," convincing the two that if they just "put back" the loot they were rustling through, they would avoid a police report.

Convinced, they were. "They were only 11 or 12…kids having fun," said  one eye-witness.

When Jesus returned to the Med with the tip-jar intact, he was applauded by fifteen Med heads, hero of the day.

The barista moved the plump tempting tip jar off the customer counter and replaced it with an empty waiting to fill.
Meanwhile, the Med awaits the next happening.
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