Is homosexuality preventible?
steve December 20, 2013 at 01:10 PM
Actually it can be prevented, but in the 'pre-conception' stage. The Mother and Father must make sure they are fully nutrified with 90 essential nutrients all the raw materials a human body requires to pass on to a new off spring to be born. The 'sexual preference' in the brain development is noted to have a chromosome impairment or rungs missing in the ladders of the parent or parents when they conceive an off spring. Animal Husbandry understands this model of preconception preparation because they have a lot of financial out of pocket loss when things go wrong at birth. Therefore Animal Husb. score 1 in 500,000 congenital issue, not just homosexuality. Compare that to the human record 1 to 33 congenital issue, not just homosexuality. So we should consider Preconception Care, because prenatal care is just too late! S. H


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