A Cafe Med Tale

Cafe Med Tales Update
By Ted Friedman/Berkeley Reporter (.com)Jan. 6, 2014

I've written many Med tales for various publications. This one cannot match past tales.
Like when the cops took over the Med mezzanine with assault rifles aimed at customers; or when Craig Becker, the Med's owner installed a spy cam in the cafe, home of free speech and big brother paranoia; or all the mental health incidents.

But this is the latest from the Med, Berkeley's most notorious hot-spot.


It may have not stood ninety years like grandfather's clock, but it was possibly as old as the cafe itself, founded in 1956. Even if not that old, it is the clock Med Heads have watched as they counted off the wasted minutes and hours of their lives. That clock is kaput--beyond repair.

The famous clock has been replaced by a clock that no one can read with failing eyesight; the original Med Heads are old, or dead. 

The smaller clock drew responses like, "What's wrong with that guy (the owner)? Can't he get anything right? I was appointed to get the story for these naysayers.

Craig, the owner, saw me coming. "I guess you're going thrash me over the clock."

"It's too small," I hissed.
Becker seemed amused behind his self-satisfied smile. He had something up his sleeve.

"That clock is just a loaner, while I shop for something really good."

"It better be good," I warned. Remember the protests over the spy-cam?
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