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Outrage Over School Address Verification... Illustrated

It seems that anybody can come up with an Albany address. As usual, I'm outraged!

As an Albany Unified School District taxpayer I share in the general outrage. We shouldn't admit alien spawn, whether or not they are on the waiting list.

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Ira Sharenow April 07, 2012 at 07:35 PM
In 2002 AUSD was facing financial difficulties, so Marla’s predecessor along with the new ATA-backed board decided on a temporary fix – aggressively increase enrollments in order to obtain more revenue. Over the next few years inter-district transfers increased substantially. Also in-district enrollment increased by several hundreds as it became known that using fake Albany addresses was a strategy to obtaining admissions to AUSD. When Marla became superintendent, new inter-district transfers were sharply curtailed and in-district enrollment increased substantially. People would go before the board and complain that they did everything the right, honest way and could not get in while those who used fake addresses were getting in (and causing rental rates to increase). The district refuses to provide detailed data and in fact has cut back on the information they make available to the public, but my guess is that the vast majority of students are from reasonably well off El Cerrito and Kensington families. They have some outstanding K-5 schools, but the WCCUSD middle and high schools are quite poor. Also several years ago, a number of us suggested that as a practical matter at least for the first few years of implementation, enforcement be for those just entering a school for the first time, i.e., all new to the district plus those entering K, 6, and 9.
Ira Sharenow April 07, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Here is some data that used to be available from AUSD. The year is the start of the school year, so 2001 represent 2001-2002. Resident Non UV Total 2001 2308 311 286 2905 2002 2387 378 302 3067 2003 2387 503 214 3104 2004 2543 601 194 3338 2005 2579 665 212 3456 2006 2648 676 216 3540 2007 2734 688 196 3618 2008 2871 633 312 3816 2009 3009 581 254 3844 2010 Not available 2011 Not available Year to year changes. Diff Resident Non UV Total 2001 2002 79 67 16 162 2003 0 125 -88 37 2004 156 98 -20 234 2005 36 64 18 118 2006 69 11 4 84 2007 86 12 -20 78 2008 137 -55 116 198 2009 138 -52 -58 28 2010 Not available 2011 Not available
Tatter Salad April 09, 2012 at 07:43 AM
" But if the ax falls, no one can complain." TQC Yeah I can complain; on behalf of the" 73 immediately exited" I just did. The immediate expulsion of out-of-district children based on their PARENTS behavior has all the sensitivity of an ice cube. While I submit that these parents are sadly misinformed as to the actual positive attributes of the Albany School System, this isn't the venue to discuss that. Identical to our City Council's tolerance to the 40+ 'happy-campers' at the Bulb; the non-english speaking Chinese here on 3-month work visas the empty our recycle cans at night of their cans and bottles, and the 50+ illegal aliens we see daily hanging out at HomeDepot: Rules should be 'flexible'. While we tolerate children of the Employee's of the City -whether they live here or not; the children of businesses here -whether they live here or not; and yet POW, a six year old will be kicked out mid-class if she's 'discovered.' The 'IMMEDIATE EXIT' enforcement practices of the reigning school district is heinous behavior IMHO; let the kids finish the year. Albanites be not proud.
Heather Wood April 09, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Homeless students have a clear right under federal guidelines to enroll in school, and they don't have to bring forth proof of residency. If a child is homeless and living somewhere betweent the school districts on a day to day basis, they could choose which school to enroll in and the law mandates they be accepted.
Doctor Detroit April 09, 2012 at 07:14 PM
(cf 51 I 1.13 - Residency/or Homeless Children) (cf 6173 - Education/or Homeless Children) The student is placed within district boundaries in a regularly established licensed children's institution, or a licensed foster home, or a family home pursuant to a court- ordered commitment or placement. (Education Code 48204)


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