Restaurant Black Spot Tries Its Luck Again

A number of restaurants have tried and failed to be successful at 2826 Telegraph Avenue. Now, Origen is taking a chance. What restaurants do you remember from this black spot?

Fourteen years. Five restaurants.

The legend of 2826 Telegraph Avenue is a sad one to behold. When Casa de Eva shut down in 1997, it initiated a double dose of bad luck for the location. Mazzini, Lucio’s, Zax Tavern, and Maritime East all came and went.

Now, a new restaurant is trying to break the spell: Origen — A Farm to Fork Restaurant. Judging from the customer reviews online, opinions about Origen are mixed. On one hand, customers are grateful for the simple concept and beautifully cooked food (OpenTable.com), and on the other, they are disappointed with the lack of flavor, poor service and small portion sizes (Yelp.com). One reviewer even concluded: "Gordon Ramsey, this place is screaming for your intervention."

Michael Davidson, aka The Grilled Cheez Guy, says the problem is the location. This area of Telegraph Avenue at Stuart Street is what Davidson's calls "no man’s land" — four blocks south of where the comfort zone of Telegraph Avenue ends. 

Davidson recalls the revolving door of restaurants at 2826 Telegraph on his website, including Zax Tavern (a restaurant surrounded by no other businesses, which made it seem "out of place"), Maritime East (beautiful, but disappointing) and Locanda de Eva (once again, "out of place," with its "upscale decor").

Have you tried Origen? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

Do you remember any of the restaurants at 2826 Telegraph? Share your experience and memories in the comments.

kat December 22, 2011 at 07:43 AM
Shouldn't it be six? Locanda de Eva was in that space, as well.


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