iPhone Fans Line Up on Fourth Street for Apple's Latest

The queue started forming Thursday night. The first reviews are out.

Albany resident and local photographer Neo Serafimidis kindly agreed to head out to the Fourth Street Apple store in Berkeley on Friday morning to check out the anticipated line and see why folks had decided to wait it out. 

Some fans said they had been in line since 11 p.m. Thursday and, as of around 8 a.m. Friday, were "just waiting in anticipation" to get their hands on the iPhone 5. 

One couple said they arrived at 1 a.m., and had to hang tough through a "really cold" night to pick up the phones for an employer. "They're not even for us.... We're not getting anything out of it," they said ruefully.

One Los Angeles resident, in town for a month for work, said he arrived a little bit after 6 a.m. and that the line was actually much shorter than he expected. 

"I promised myself I'd get this one. I do it every two years," said Jameson Pabes. "I'm a big, big, big fan of Apple." 

He said he uses the phone a lot for work, as a location scout and photographer. The iPhone is useful for him, he said, because of its speed, photo capabilities and navigation tools.

Pabes said staff at the Mac store had been really friendly, "cheering and passing out food" on a cart to people waiting in line. 

He said he was expecting to wait much longer, and that his friends in Los Angeles were reporting more of an ordeal. 

"I was expecting a lot worse," said Pabes, around 8 a.m. "My friends (in Los Angeles) are in line now; they're like five blocks back. I'll get it before they will."

Did you wait in line? Let us know what it was like. If you took photos in line, please share them in the gallery above. 


  • Will You Jump on the iPhone 5 Bandwagon?
Eric Bordax September 22, 2012 at 10:33 PM
This is exactly what Steve Jobs would have wanted. What a great sight to see!
Tatter Salad September 22, 2012 at 10:37 PM
Yes! Free advertising; Steve would love that! (You know don't you, that Apple has the habit of PAYING a few 'loyalists' to camp-out, (get-in-line folks), and then notifies the press of same for the publicity).
Senior A. Titude September 22, 2012 at 11:35 PM
Tatter, would love to know your source for that "paying" comment. I worked for Apple for 5+ years and never saw or heard of that happening. As a manager at the Union Square Flagship, I would definitely have known if anyone in line was paid at our location, and being the West Coast Flag we would have been designated. The first folks in line are either in line to get publicity for themselves and their (usually technology) companies, or they are people intent upon reselling their devices for a profit.


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