Has the Vibe Changed on Telegraph Avenue?

After a fire gutted a building on Haste Street, a portion of Telegraph Avenue has been mired by demolition work. Has the eyesore affected the area's charisma?

A few months ago, the biggest eyesore on Telegraph Avenue was . Now, the unkempt grass, trash and graffiti is upstaged by the mess across the street. 

A historic Berkeley building has been almost leveled to the ground, , leaving a mountainous pile of rubble. Graffiti marks the few parts of wall that still stand, and chain link fences cordon off the area.

The landscape has certainly changed. Has the atmosphere been affected too?

Locals have reported a "bad vibe" on the strip along Telegraph Avenue at Haste Street, and some business owners say they're experiencing a slump.

How do you think Telegraph Avenue has changed since the fire? Do you think the area can recover? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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