Berkeley Mourns Loss of Cafe Intermezzo and Raleigh's

The building is being torn after a fire closed a crucial part of Telegraph Avenue and destroyed two beloved businesses. What will you miss most about Cafe Intermezzo and Raleigh's?

The gargantuan salads at brought a long line of hungry customers each day, satisfying apetites with healthy, fresh food and delicious, home-baked bread.

The large wooden tables and cozy interior of welcomed students and Berkeley residents alike to eat, drink and socialize. 

Now, what remains of these two Berkeley staples is a gutted and blackened building. Soon, .

It is unknown whether either business will be re-established, according to Roland Peterson, executive director of the Telegraph Business Improvement District. But the city may aid the process by voting to waive permit fees for both Raleigh's and Cafe Intermezzo.

Meanwhile, the outpouring of regret and disappointment is clear on review and social networking sites like Yelp and Twitter. 

"Get them back open ASAP," said LarsSkjerping on Twitter.

"I will greatly miss this Berkeley food landmark, known to my circle of friends as the 'salad spot in Berkeley'. Please come back from the ashes," said Alex H. on Cafe Intermezzo's Yelp page. 

"One of the first places I ever ate in Berkeley in 1988.  The place I went my last night there in 1992.  I have been back many, many times since.  It's destruction hurts a lot," said Paul S. about Raleigh's on its Yelp page. 

"So, now that Cafe Intermezzo on Telegraph Ave. has burned down, where oh where can I get a salad with the density of a dying star?" asked AhabLives on Twitter.

"Tonight, I will sip my beer quietly in solidarity with all that Raleigh's stands for in the hope that I can one day return and have the same amazing experience they provided me during my senior year of college," said Dmitriy S. about Raleigh's on its Yelp page.

"I'm seriously gutted to learn of its news. Mourning the death of anything is a process and does take a toll. My most regular go-to place for my young college years is gone and will live on in thousands of folks' hearts," said jana s. on Cafe Intermezzo's Yelp page.

Ironically, Berkeley Patch ran a poll the same day the fire broke out — — and Cafe Intermezzo proved the favorite. 

What will you miss most about Cafe Intermezzo and Raleigh's? Do you have a memory to share from either establishment? Let us know in the comments.

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Emily Henry November 29, 2011 at 11:09 PM
Oh, but it's too sad! To finally find salad heaven and then have it taken away... It's not easy to get a decent salad fix, especially for that price. I'm going to keep trying to find out what their plans are for re-opening. Hopefully, it won't be long before Intermezzo returns. In the mean time, do you have any other recommendations for healthy, hearty Berkeley food? And what else do you and your hubby end up craving?
Heather Wood December 02, 2011 at 07:08 PM
Asmara veggie combos or meals are delicious LARGE and come with enough injera to feed an army. We often get a veg and a meat combo to share, and there's alwasys some left for lunch the next day. Another benefit is that injera, while not usually gluten free (teff is very expensive), it is low in refined wheat, and teff is high in protein. Good stuff!
Emily Henry December 06, 2011 at 08:38 PM
Thanks Heather. I love Ethiopian food, but I've yet to find better than Cafe Colucci in Oakland. I don't think I've tried Asmara though... have you tried both? Is Asmara better?
Heather Wood December 07, 2011 at 04:44 AM
Cafe Colucci is indeed very good. I like Asmara because it's an old famliar friend. On another tip, Fin Fine on Telegraph near Dwight as the Grotto is phenomenal; a totally different experience and I highly recommend it. You really should give it a try. Amazing food.
S.Martin March 07, 2012 at 03:26 AM
I am so heart broken because of this tragedy, I loved this awesome food mecca and I will miss it dearly. I can only hope that they will open another shop or start selling at farmers markets. Please come back!


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