Who's Who: Phillip Davis

A UPS driver for over 21 years, Phillip Davis is one of Berkeley's treasured citizens.

Ensconced high in the cab of his ubiquitous brown van, driver Phillip Davis toots his horn and waves as he wheels past familiar faces on his residential beat.

Delivering packages in Berkeley for over 21 years, Davis still assumes a hearty smile and expresses an earnest appreciation for his customers. “The best thing about my job is getting to meet so many great people,” said Davis. “I have made so many wonderful relationships over the years because of what I do.”

Davis loves working in Berkeley and values its diversity and culture. “Berkeley is such a unique place,” Davis remarked. “It has everything — good people, good places to go, good weather. It has it all.” Jumping down out of his truck, Davis pulls out a package for delivery and grabs his clipboard. “The only problem is that there's so much right here, it's hard for my wife to get me to go anywhere else,” Davis added, laughing deeply.

In his free time Davis likes to listen to the vast record collection he has amassed over the years. “Most of the records I acquired at , Leopold's, and up on Telegraph Avenue,” Davis said. “I also like to fish, and play basketball and softball,” Davis continued. “But those things mean I have to drive and, after a week of driving my truck, I'm just happy to walk, you know?”


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