Who's Who: Lindsay Weber

New to Berkeley, Lindsay Weber already appreciates much that our town has to offer.

A Berkeley resident for only four days, Lindsay Weber moved here from Los Angeles, California. Enticed by the Bay Area’s rich history, especially its commitment to local and radical politics, Weber felt an immediate affinity here. "Berkeley supports new and different ideas,” she said. "And I wanted to live in a place where I could bike almost everywhere, wear silly vests with impunity, and be immediately situated close to a variety of local food sources; Berkeley seemed to be the best place for that!" 

Originally from Venice Beach, California — a city with its own politically alert and
progressive community — Weber recognizes many of the same civic characteristics and priorities in Berkeley. “The people here seem frustrated about many of the same issues,” Weber said. “And in the same way, they’re politically active, they’re ready to do something about it.” 

Weber works at on Solano Avenue — “Support your local independent bookstore!” she enjoined — where she is also able to further her interest in gender and anarchist history. After work, “I’ve been reading, writing and watching the deer and wildlife wander the grounds behind my apartment,” she said. “I can’t wait to check out the Albany Bulb and other local spots.”

In her short time here, it seems Lindsay Weber already appreciates what a special, dynamic, and diverse place Berkeley can be.


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