What Techies and Entrepreneurs Are Reading this Week

Every week the good folks at Startup Digest share their favorite books to their subscribers. We thought you might be interested too.

Startup Digest is a resource for people interested in technology startups, how they work and how to get one started.

Once a week they send out a list of their favorite books. Curated by Co-Founder  Chris McCann, Lead Engineer Chris Burnor and UI Designer StartupDigest
Adrienne Tran, this week's list includes:

What sorts of things can a non-technical cofounder do while the product is being developed? by Nikos Moraitakis

You've found market fit, found a technical co-founder and are heavily in the midst of development of your first big product. Now what do you do until demo day?

Why passwords have never been weaker—and crackers have never been stronger By Dan Goodin

A series of high profile hacking stories in the news has left a lot of startups worrying about the security of their systems and their users.

What A Hacker Learns After A Year In Marketing By Rob Spectre

It's a very different mindset than engineering but marketing can have a huge impact in proportion to its input.

Does Time Fix All? By Daniel Lemire

Is it inevitable that new and superior technologies will be developed and we should should just sit back and wait for them to be invented?

How much should a start-up CEO make? By Seth Levine

It's hard to come up what to pay yourself when you're running the company. Here's one way to evaluate it.

Keeping It Sane: Backbone Views and Require.js By Jeremy Kahn

Client side MVC frameworks like Backbone.js are all the rage for building powerful web applications, but actually structuring such an application is vastly different from what most web developers are used to.

Cleaning bad code By Niklas Frykholm

Most useful when dealing with large code bases or code you inherited from elsewhere.

What’s In A Term Sheet? By Bruce Gibney

A plain english guide to what is in a term sheet by Bruce of Founders Fund.

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randy albin August 29, 2012 at 06:29 PM
are they also reading patch? who thinks up these articles and topics to have people list posts on these sites? most working people don't take the time to see what all of this info is going on. now tell me, is this worthwhile info or just skip this and go onto yahoo or gmail, etc.?
Claudia Cruz November 13, 2012 at 07:18 AM
I hope they are reading Patch in their local towns. They are probably all reading this books on their iPads or other tablet readers and not buying books!


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