True or False: This Law is Obeyed

"No person shall ride or operate a bicycle on any sidewalk in the city except..."

This stencil was spotted on a corner of University Avenue and Ninth Street. Below is the section of the Berkeley municipal code regulating bikes on sidewalks. Is it followed? 

14.68.130 Riding bicycles on sidewalk permitted when.

No person shall ride or operate a bicycle on any sidewalk in the city except:

A.    Juveniles, exercising the due care and giving the pedestrian the right-of-way, may ride and operate their bicycles upon thesidewalk, except such sidewalks as are in front of schools, stores or buildings used for business purposes;

B.    Juveniles riding or operating a bicycle on the sidewalk shall do so in single file;

C.    Peace officers who determine in good faith that riding or operating a bicycle on the sidewalk is necessary to perform official duties. (Ord. 6113-NS § 1, 1992: Ord. 4957-NS § 15, 1976)


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