Patch Readers Remember: What Was Your First Job?

Patch wanted to hear about the first jobs from readers. Here is what some of them told us.

How much did you get paid at your first job?
How much did you get paid at your first job?


Law-makers and workers are focusing more and more on the minimum wage.   Patch used information provided by the United States Census Bureau to show how many households in Berkeley are earning $25,000 or less.  Fast food workers from across the country are asking for higher wages according to the Christian Science Monitor

We asked our Facebook followers about their first jobs and whether those jobs were minimum wage.

Carole Floresca Bothwell recognized the need for balance in her early work life.  She wrote, “1990- I worked at Tower Records/Video and was definitely making min wage. But still the best job ever!!”

Susan Johnson wrote, “LOL, I worked at a tourist spot in northern Wisconsin in 1968 for $1.10 an hour.”

In 1955 the Federal minimum wage was $.75 an hour and has increased over the years to today’s rate of $7.25 an hour.  Some states have a minimum wage different from the federal rate.  The minimum wage for hourly workers in California is $8.00 an hour and workers in San Francisco and San Jose enjoy minimum wages over $10.00 an hour.

What was your first job?  Was it a minimum wage job?  Tell us in comments.



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