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Molly Kruse's 5 Favorite Spots to Chill Out in Berkeley

A teaching artist at The Bay Area Shakespeare Camp, Molly Kruse discloses her top five leisure spots.

Molly Kruse, a teaching artist at The Bay Area Shakespeare Camp, took a moment away from her charges to share her five favorite places to rest, relax, and chill out in Berkeley. 

After a long day at John Hinkle Park teaching aspiring thespians the tools of her craft, Kruse likes to unwind at The Cheeseboard Pizza Collective. Usually opting for a slice of the Pizza of the Day (fresh corn, onions, French feta, mozzarella, and basil pesto, as one example), Kruse enjoys the friendly, spirited crowd that fills the restaurant and often spills out onto the sidewalk.

If she’s feeling energetic, Kruse finds a quick bite at Zachary’s with friends, followed by a trip to Thalassa in downtown, to complete a perfect pairing. The joint is usually jumping at Thalassa. With 23 billiard tables and an impressive array of micro-brews on tap (as well as a full bar), it’s a lively spot to socialize.

For a quieter and more introspective afternoon, Kruse opts for a platter of curly fries at Barney’s and a drive up to Tilden Park where she takes in the fading evening light from the eagle’s-eye view of Look Out Point.


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