I-House Love: Cross-Cultural Romance Blooms at UC Berkeley

International House, home to foreign students at UC Berkeley since 1930, has brought together hundreds of couples over the decades.

Love was in the air on Valentine's Day at International House.

UC Berkeley's home-away-from-home for foreign (and some U.S.) students celebrated the holiday on its website with "I-HOUSE LOVE: Romance & Friendships Made at I-House," glimpses of some of the more than 1,000 couples who first met there.

Among them:

—Ambasador Ken Taylor and Dr. Patricia Taylor, who protected American hostages in their home in Iran while Taylor was the Canadian ambassador there. The Taylors, the I-House alumni couple of the year, will be honored April 18 at International House's 25th annual celebration and awards ceremony.

—Mason and Estelle Gaffney, who were able to wed after a historic 1948 ruling to legalize interracial marriage in California. More recently, their son Stuart "filed an amicus brief to the California Supreme Court with his life partner John Lewis, which was ultimately part of the Court's ruling to legalize same-sex marriage," according to the I-House webpage.

Click here for dozens of additional stories of cross-cultural love and friendship that had their genesis at I-House, as recently as 2008 and as long ago as 1935.


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