How Important Are Your Holiday Traditions?

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and many Berkeley residents are gearing up for a season of feasting and family. What are your holiday traditions and why are they important?

Traditions create a common place for family members to reunite and reminisce. Traditions connect a country to its history and people to their past. Traditions can be old or new, ubiquitous or unique. 

Thanksgiving signals the beginning of a season of traditions that extends through the new year. But even though we're all celebrating something — whether it's Diwali or Christmas, Thanksgiving or Yule, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah — our celebrations differ. And the differences are often be inspiring, creative and completely essential to fully engaging in the festive season.

Editor's note: In England, for example, , it was a family tradition to drink port wine and eat Stilton cheese in the winter evenings, to always open a present on Christmas Eve, and to celebrate "boxing day" — the day after Christmas — by lounging around in pajamas eating left-over turkey. Since there is no "Thanksgiving" in England, the country indulges in its annual turkey-and-all-the-trimmings feast day on December 25th. Christmas Day without turkey, to me, will never feel right — just like a turkey dinner will never feel right without roast potatoes

What are your family's traditions and why are they important?

Are you planning on creating any new "traditions" this year?

What makes your traditions unique? 

Share your holiday traditions in the comments.


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