Cheap Thrills Back-to-School Edition: Moe's Books

Pay a visit to this venerable Berkeley bookstore and peruse the shelves for all your literary needs.

In the hazy warmth of late summer, as a new semester gets underway and classes begin in earnest, take your textbook list in hand and cruise down the Avenue to Moe’s Books.

Amid the clamor and chaos of campus activity, Moe’s is a hushed haven, a refuge from the teeming crowds and frenetic bustle of back-to-school busyness. Occupying a narrow slot on lower Telegraph, Moe’s is crammed with literary offerings—everything from esoteric antiquarian texts to pulpy potboilers—comfortably spread out over its four floors. The bookshelves are spaced generously, flanked by wide aisles, and offer plenty of elbow room in which to bend and browse. An occasional cozy nook or chair invites patrons to linger and sample the wares at their leisure.

The easygoing staff is knowledgeable, welcoming, and unpretentious. Always available to help patrons find what they’re looking for, employees willingly sprint up the stairs to search out a requested text, or scan the computer database for a desired title. Carrying both new and used books, with an impressively speedy turnover, Moe’s is an incredible resource and can be counted on to have most anything you’re looking for.

An antidote to the big-box, chain bookstores, Moe’s has been operating independently for over 50 years, offering customers an astonishing array of titles in a remarkable range of categories. So whatever your needs, pay a visit to one of Berkeley’s most beloved bookstores, spend a peaceful hour or so scanning the shelves, and pick up an armload of literary treats for a song.



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