2-foot Salmon Reported in Codornices Creek

There's big news in the local creek restoration world. A 2-foot-long fish seen Monday in Codornices Creek is being called the first Chinook salmon ever reported in that stream, at least in modern times. Codornices runs along the Albany-Berkeley bor

"Hooray!" declared Friends of Five Creeks in a newsletter emailed Wednesday.

The organization, which works to protect and restore East Bay creeks, said a two-foot-long fish seen in Codornices Creek on Monday appears to be a Chinook salmon – the first ever reported in that body of water (at least in contemporary times).

The Friends of Five Creeks December e-newsletter said, "On Monday, as water cleared after the storm, Codornices neighbor Dan Dole photographed what appears to be a chinook salmon – as far as we know, the first reported ever."

Codornices Creek (whose name is the Spanish word for quail) runs along the Albany-Berkeley border.

Also on Wednesday, Berkeleyside reported news of the big fish under the headline, "First Chinook salmon reported in Codornices Creek."

Fisheries biologist Jeff Hagar called finding such a large fish in a small creek "pretty rare” and “very unusual,” according to the Berkeleyside article (written by former Albany Patch editor Emilie Raguso). “It’s pretty exciting to have a salmon in any stream, and particularly in a stream in an urban area like that.” 

A video of the fish taken Monday was posted to YouTube by RestorationDesign. (See attached video link on this article.)

A salmon cousin, steelhead trout, have been seen in Codornices for years, according to Friends of Five Creeks.

CalCreeks December 06, 2012 at 08:04 PM
I would dearly love this to be a salmonid of some kind but we've been disappointed too many times when reports similar to this one (East Bay creeks) turned out to be an adult carp. Take nothing away from Dan but we need to have this fish verified by a qualified fisheries biologist (tagging this specimen if a salmon would be even better).
CalCreeks December 06, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Yay! Nevermind! I just saw the pic on the Berkeleyside article. That is MOST definitely a salmonid! Awesome to see! Stormwater regulations in concert with habitat restoration efforts really can bring back the natives!
Tatter Salad December 07, 2012 at 03:37 AM
VERY IMPRESSIVE... but what makes me nervous is what followed... a rain storm and a high tide followed... and the sewer-stench-smell all along Marin that seemed connected to the latter. What chance does Cordornice's Creek have if we can't keep sewer mains from over-flowing?
George McRae December 07, 2012 at 04:43 AM
And now by making everyone aware of its presence, you have certainly opened the door to some idiot to catch it, kill it and eat it. Nice gong FoFC! Big pats on the back!!!


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